Employee retention

Employee retention

A company’s success ultimately depends on the people who work there. Only happy employees develop a strong bond with their company and speak positively about their employer outside of working hours.
Make employee retention a core issue in your company!

Onboarding workinouthtyrol
How to get started successfully

Onboarding is the process of hiring and facilitating the integration of new employees into a company. It includes measures to make it easier for employees to find their way around once they’re “on board” the new company. This starts before the first day of work and continues until your new employee has settled well into their new working environment.

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Strategies for successful onboarding

Monetary benefits_workinouthtyrol
Incentives and benefits
Which benefits to offer in addition to salaries

In order to be perceived as fair by employees, the values and reward system of a company must be in line with their ideas and expectations. Monetary incentives, a good working environment, appreciation, recognition and career opportunities are all fundamentally different ways of rewarding employees – although this bears a high potential for conflict.

Flexible working time models_workinsouthtyrol
Flexible work
Why flexible hours are a MUST

Flexible working hours are essential for a healthy work-life balance – and they can significantly increase your employees’ motivation and job satisfaction. By offering working conditions that enable your employees to balance their family, private and professional life, they are much more likely to stay with your company in the long run. Plus, ypur firm can benefit from a higher willingness to perform by employees and reduced staff turnover.

Appraisal interviews_workinsouthtyrol
Staff appraisals
Why regular performance reviews are important

Only a regular exchange between you and your employees provides an opportunity to give honest, open feedback and express your appreciation. Use these meetings to discuss tasks and goals and to share your strategic considerations with your staff. At the same time, they are a key chance for those in superior positions to receive valuable feedback.

Audit fworkinsouthtyrol
Familyandwork audits
What are Familyandwork audits?

Against the backdrop of demographic change and a general shortage of labour, a family-friendly human resources policy is becoming ever-more important in companies all across South Tyrol. They’re indispensable if you’re looking to recruit young talent and retain good employees. Those in superior or managing positions in particular must create the best possible framework to ensure that their employees can master the balancing act of performing well at work and still being there for their family.

Familyandwork audits offer professional support to employers wishing to introduce family-friendly measures and develop them systematically.

audit familieundberuf

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Motivation and satisfaction_workinsouthtyrol
Motivation and job satisfaction
Do you know how happy your employees are?

Have you ever conducted a survey on your employees’ level of job satisfaction? Are you aware of the factors that have a positive effect on how happy your employees are with their work? A sense of belonging and cohesion within the team can contribute greatly to your employees’ job satisfaction, as can flat hierarchies and an optimised working environment: Pleasant surroundings and a well-structured workplace are more conducive to work – and only happy employees will think and speak positively about their employer to the outside world. Use this opportunity to position yourself as an attractive employer on the labour market.